New to this forum, but I have experience


I’m new to this forum. Been studying and working with goetia for a couple years now. A lot of my work has manifested. Always looking to learn as much as I can and always looking for ways to make stronger connections with the ones I work with. I also work with shem when needed. But prefer to work with Goetia. Look forward to sharing my knowledge on here and learning from others knowledge.


Welcome to the BALG forum.

Do u have some advice for me. New to this i havent done anything just the internet search.

Welcome @Misdluh, good to have you here. I know you mentioned you’ve done an internet search but have you tried a forum search? There’s a wealth of information here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for after searching the forum, feel free to start a thread and ask. The great members here are very friendly and will be happy to assist.

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Lots of research and reading every occult book you can get your hands on. Your work is only as strong as your knowledge and intent.