New to this and seeking guidence

So for years and years I have been obsessed by the occult, black magic, etc. and some months back I began having strange dreams of a woman I have never met. In these dreams she speaks to me as if we are friends of many years it all feels so real, upon speaking to my brother about this I find out it’s his late girl friend and the dreams I had were memories they shared. I had spent years away from my family and knew nothing of this relationship prior to he and I speaking. Other things similar, but in my waking moments, have happened with various entities I cannot begin to explain because of my sheer lack of knowledge in this field, but now I feel it is time to harness this gift of sight to the unseen world ( at least that is what I am going to call it ). Anyone willing to help me along this path so that I may be able to call upon spirits and preform evocations so I can at least answer my own questions in life please feel free to message me privately or comment to this post