New to this and need advice

I was wondering if someone would be able to point me in the right direction if possible. The story goes that my brother in law has ruined my life, he has turned my entire family against me and to make matters worse I am in trouble with the police due to him. I hate him so much for this and I want him to suffer, I would like for my family to turn on him if possible but I am unsure how to obtain this. I would also like to have him get sick, he is prone to depression so I am hoping I can play on this weakness. I am a novice and I have only ever done candle magick with varied results. thanks

Well if he is into anything illegal the police should be your first stop. Then I would check out thefforum on baneful magic and black magic. Also I would invest in the e-book. These are good places to start.

Ok, a little sigil magick sounds like the way to go. Look through the grimoires and find a spirit/angel/demon that can influence people or influence the way people see people. Charge the spirits sigil while imagining everyone in your family turning against him. Don’t forget to funnel all that rage into the sigil as well.

Good luck :wink: let me know how it goes.

Thank you for your replies. Yes I agree with the idea of sigil magick and I have drawn the sigil of Focalor as he seems to be the one that can cause the most harm with out killing him. One thing I would like to ask is that if you are gazing at the sigil and the lines turn gold and move slightly is that the sigil opening? This is what happened today with Focalor’s sigil. I was also thinking about maybe drawing Dantalion’s sigil to change my family’s mind about him, what do you think? Forgive me if I seem vague, I am learning!

Yes that is the sigil opening, well done. So remember to hold ONE still picture or one short mental video repeating itself over and over of the outcome that you want, i.e. everyone screaming and attacking your brother in law, while gazing at the sigil. Do this until the picture starts to repeat itself (you will know what I mean), and remember at the end to exhaust all the desire for this into the sigil and then Detach. Put the sigil away somewhere and completely forget about it.

No if your new, I would stick to one sigil and one outcome for now, its just easier and therefore more likely to succeed.

Thank you so much for your reply! I have done a vinegar a also with his signature, nails, pins, and chilli powder in it. I hope this help the situation also. I am not in contact with him so I don’t know how I will hear about any changes. Can I ask do you experience insomnia when working with sigils?

Umm no I haven’t experienced that insomnia, by insomnia do you mean literally not being able to sleep or something else?

yes not being able to sleep but maybe it is just stress. have you ever worked with Focalor’s sigil? Every time I use the sigil it really glows, I am new to this and I truly hope that I am doing this right as I need this prat out of the picture. Thank you again for your replies I am grateful for the help.

I think its just stress then, I wouldn’t tally that up to magick.

Remember that you need to charge the sigil once and then forget about it. Don’t charge it over and over, its pointless. If the sigil is flashing, you’re doing it right. TRUST yourself.

Your more than welcome for the help. Many newcomers join this forum, ask stupid questions and talk shit most of the time. I don’t care if you’re new. As long you ask intelligent questions, I’m more than happy to help you.

Thank you once again. I was wondering if I should attempt something to help with regards to my legal issues. My brother in law has made up a load of rubbish up about me stealing money from my mum and has gone to the police with it and now I have to wait until they make a decision whether to prosecute or not. This man has wrecked my life in the space of a few months and I need to do everything that I can to remove him and to sway the police in my favour. Any suggestions are much welcomed.

As long you’re focusing on his demise, all the problems related to him should go away as well. Should anyway. It usually does with me.

Focus all your energy on him and your goal should be achieved.

Dantalion is fantastic at getting people to change their minds. He/she/it (hard to tell with Dantalion) can also show you what people are thinking and why. I can vouch that Dantalion can get you what you are after.

This should help. It is a link to one of E.A.'s newsletters. He gives instruction on how to work with spirit sigils.

Edit: Danatalion can be found in The Lesser Key of Solomon’s Ars Goetia. Danatlion’s sigil can easily be found on Google images.

I just wish I was able to connect with the spirits better then I would know that I am doing the right thing. I am not very good at divining so I can only hope I am heading the right way. I think I am going to draw Dantalion’s sigil and try to get some of my family to change their attitude. I have no contact with any of these people so it is hard to know how things are progressing but faith is the key I guess. thanks again

Glad to hear that you are actually doing the magic. Just a tip, remember that YOU are the one in control, put your will into the ritual and nothing is impossible.

Thank you all, I am going to work with Dantalian’s sigil tonight and hopefully that will help matters. As Seeker said I don’t want to work with too many sigils as it might complicate things and my number one priority is to take out my bro in law… There are legal issues at the minute that I am very concerned about and I am hoping that by using Dantalion to change the minds of the police and my family it might improve things.

Does anyone know where I might be able to get a tarot reading done? I can’t read cards and I was wondering if it would be possible to get some insight into my situation…Thanks again