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Hello, name is Daniel. 27 years old.

I’m not a Luciferian or Satanist. Just really interested in the Occult, Witchcraft.

I had a Spiritual conflict with someone, 20 vs 1. I thought It was all over until I got cursed again, my soul is gone, taking away from me, I was attacked violently by these people and not just me, but my mother and brother even the dog. Because someone summoned multiple malevolent spirits and it’s all because I was defending myself.

All that happened 4 years ago. 4 years later they’ve taking away my soul, twisted my mind.

I was an Occultist for 3 years.

I’m here to re-learn what I’ve lost, get my soul back and try join a coven. If you can help. I’d greatly appreciate the assistance.

Daniel K.

Nice meeting you. :smiling_imp:

Your soul can’t be taken away from you, contrary to majority views here while the soul can be sold in terms of ownership of the self, as in the true self now having a master or whatever the cause of ownership dictates. Your soul cannot be taken away in a sense of not being with you anymore.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

You have left out a lot of pertinent information, but It’s an attention grabber of an introduction.

Was this the number of people involved - so a coven?

What exactly did you practice?

Since this world revolves around actions and reactions I find it hard to believe this happened to you just because. There was an starting point that brought this about.

Confused on what you’ve lost.

Not really sure on the help your asking for?

I practiced both black magic and white magic. It started with a few words, they sounded pretty hostile on the phone, so I was just going to stand there and take it. I guess I could hold my own responsibilities. Everything that I learnt was written down “Book of Shadows” I think I know what to do, but that requires me summoning demons. I’ve tried to settle it peacefully.

Not in my experiences.

What experience did you have that convinced you that your soul could be taken away?

I played with the ouija board with a friend, it wouldn’t leave him alone; so I gave away my soul so it wouldn’t bother him no more. Thing still bothered me though and that’s when I turned to the assistance of demons.

Its not like I felt like myself after that though, numbing feeling. Head burning like it is now and I can’t sleep either. Haunting dreams.

So you sold your soul, meaning you still have it. You simply entered a blank ass contract with no terms and conditions besides to stop bothering your friend. When you sell your soul it’s more like you’re just entering into a contract with whatever thing accepts it, as in they own you, able to what they want with you/with it for however long they want.

Yeah, I know I did, at that moment of my life. I wasn’t sure what to do.