New to the site question: has anyone ever heard of or is in contact with an entity or demon that calls itself lamb?

Hey everyone I’m new here new to this whole magic thing actually but anyways all I have is very limited information once in a Ouija board now I’ve had a weird shit happen to me ever so the kid let me clarify,super weird if anyone wants to know what that stuff is I’ll go into it later but right now my main focus is that I was having a session on the Ouija board and during the session an entity who is very clear very intelligent and concise very fluid in motion to go over the board it directed its attention towards me and when asked which name was it identified itself as lamb now all of my hair stood on end. I feel sad because for some reason done the deepest part of my gut I knew that I already knew that that’s what his name was I knew that was the entity that been with me ever since I was a child but upon researching this name I mean obviously there’s Lamb of God and all that s*** but that’s not who this is no. I’m not entirely sure who it is actually another search today revealed a name, sorath and that let me here. I apologize by there’s any typos I’m using talk to text anyways does anyone have any experience in the team he refers to himself as lamb I mean I know it’s powerful it was able to knock off any other spirit that was on the board I know it’s powerful because I’ve had other personal experiences with it and have physical manifestations…I was raised in church so I’ve raised to believe that demons are liars could it be at this not some really his name I don’t think so I don’t feel he was lying. Nor do I really thought everything was taught in the church like at all. Some of it yes, some of it no but the point is I just really need help identifying this thing named lamb can anyone help? Desperate in Seattle, Dustin thank you.


Interesting story. Here is a link with much information on Sorath or the Sun Demon and his opposition to the lamb.

“One describes the Christ-Being as the genius of the sun who unites himself with the earth and becomes also the genius of the earth. He has already begun to be this since the event of Golgotha. But there is also an opposing principle to the Lamb, there is also a Sun-Demon, the so-called Demon of the Sun, that which works in the evil forces of man , thrusting back the force of the Lamb, and it works in such a way that a certain amount of the human race is thrust out of the evolution which leads to the sun.”

I don’t mean to freak you out but please be careful, this is not a good way to cummunicate with spirits and I do not think you are in contact with something that will help you.


I highly recommend learning a banishing ritual, and practicing it. Im not calling any judgements on the entity, however you do need to be able to take action if it is malicious.

Be wary, and follow your instinct, even if rationally your instinct doesnt make sense.
Research banishings, just in case


I never recommend people to contact random entity! It’s like you open your house for foreigners
Maybe some terorist will bomb your house lol

Always invoke or evoke well known demon god angel or spirits

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