New to the site but have been solo practicing for over 15 years hello

Hello my beautiful people I’m new to this but old oddly enough the spirits came to me when I was 13 or 14 and have been guiding me to my current age of 29 lilith has been with me since birth I didnt even know her name till she gave me enlightenment a few months ago also belial came to me of his own accord about the age of 16 and my blood sister also speaks with demons lilith specifically told me she has worked with my family for a long time not really sure if it’s normal to have demonic gods come to you first but hey I’ll take it cause they have had my back and protected me from the start unlike some mainstream god who cant even utter a word when you pray to them I’m 29 now and more spirits keep revealing themselves to me I follow lilith she spoke to me in person told me it’s in my blood to work with her we formed a blood pact she showed me the signs and symbols and gave me her history all without a single piece of prior knowledge of her before she granted me enlightenment so here I am trying to further myself joining this group wich is by her guidance I look forward to the path ahead of me and hope to meet others like myself or good people so we can further our path together I look forward to hearing and working with you all.


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the madhouse… err… forum!