New to the forum!

Greetings to everybody here on the BALG forum. I’m new to participating in this place but not new to the site itself. I’ve checked it out times before for research purposes.

Anyways, well I’m not best with introductions but i’ll try haha. I’ve worked magic since I was 14 years old (im currently 19 now). I started off as a wiccan but after about 4 years I trailed off elsewhere, learning more about many forms of magic. I don’t follow a specific religion or anything, however I do believe in gods, angels, spirits, demons, etc. I mostly work with spirits however I work with other entities as well. I’m hoping that i can expand my knowledge of the occult from this site :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Forum.
We got plenty new people during the
last two weeks.

Also, away from magic im a guitar player and a metalhead chick lol.


And thanks

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What, exactly, do you practice?

Welcome :grin:


Did you chose this name because
of the Mayhem song? ^^

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I do necromancy, I work with the elements (mainly earth and fire but i need to practice with the others more). I also work with curses and healing, and forms of divination (i read playing cards, pendulums, scrying—which scrying i need more practice with) i have been working with astral projection as well

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Lol yes

Also i work with demons and and angels and gods, mostly with spirits of the dead but demon wise i work with amdusias a lot recently. Gods its mostly been eris and isis, i havent done so much work recently with the angels really