New to the forum

My name is David, im 21 and new to the left hand path.
I’ve been reading from this forum now and then and it made things more clear to me and even change my mind set a bit.

I’m not sure of my results with magic. I followed the instructions for sigil magic and tried charging Raphael’s sigil to heal a small wound i had for some time. (I even wear a pendant of his sigil)
I’m thinking better meditations might help me with this.

I’m willing to learn and practice more
Thank you!


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.

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Have you tried any other kind of magick?

Sometimes spirits have led me to better mundane solutions and strongly encouraged me to live more healthier, than magickally healing me.

I have had difficulty with Raphael sometimes too.

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Welcome to the forum! I have never worked with Raphael. What is Raphael like?

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No i haven’t, sigil magic is sort of like the basics from what i heard. I don’t think I’m ready for invocation or something related.

I know a lot of this has to do with how your focus and mental discipline is trained which is why i am doing that.

Often i would get in a trance when i chant the enn of an entity like Azazel.

To be honest i don’t know either xD