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Hi all, my name is Gabriel Roberts, I’m a writer and creative living in NYC. I’ve been a practicing occultist for about 10 years but have focused exclusively on LHP for the past year. I’ve been reading and practicing voraciously and am open to new experiences with black magick groups.

I love the attitude and approach EA and co have used in making this practice simple and direct.

I look forward to making friends and partnerships here. If anyone lives in the nyc area, I’m also looking for already established groups to get in with, or maybe start a new one.



Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome.

What has been your main practice over your ten years? What systems do you have experience in?


Welcome Gabriel!


I came into it through psychedelic shamanism which led me to discovering work of Peter Jay Carol and chaos magic. I focused primarily on sigil magick in the chaote style, but also read works on traditional magick, but as an ex christian minister I really was turned off by the Jehovah sympathetic currents. Not really till I started watching EA,s YouTube videos did I get a sense that I was on the right track with LHP. That and the stellar book by Peter Grey, Lucifer Princeps on Scarlet Imprint. I also read Raising Hell which told the history of black magicians, super awesome. I’ve practiced entirely on my own for the lions share of all this time, but I’ve had very strong psychedelically induced interactions with deities like Kali and Durga. Back in my evangelical Christian days, Behemoth cane to me as a giant bull made of lightening and introduced himself as such. At the time I didn’t realize he was inviting me to develop a relationship. In my practice I’ve gotten to a place when my invokations change the way I feel about the presence of spirits like Azazel, Lucifer, Leviathan, Behemoth and Lilith, to the place where I can see the changes they’ve made in me and the doors they are opening that would have been otherwise closed. At this stage I’m very interested in real world results and clear theophany. I’m not too showy about my practice, but I’m very serious about going deeper and finding* like minded people to work with.


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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience :slight_smile:

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