New to the forum, need information about a demon

Hello there, I have been lurking around this forum for a few days and thought to make an account. I’m interested in the occult/demonology to improve myself, learn about the universe, our reality and other secrets. I would like to work on my confidence first and found out through the forum that Haagenti is a good entity to contact. So by gazing at his sigil and listening to his enn, I felt his presence intuitively and also experienced a small drop in the temperature. I verbally asked him to help me with my personality development and then told him to leave respectfully. This was the first time I contacted an entity with success (although I have yet to see the results).

I have a few questions, if anybody would be kind to answer. What sort of incense does Haagenti like? Also could anyone guide me on how to use them and candles in contacting him again?



Welcome to the forum.

Please avail yourself of the search function in the upper right. There is plenty of info to answer your questions.


Greetings and welcome. The information you are seeking is easily obtained online with a gamut of sites. Simply put the Deitys name into any search engine including the BALG engine.

Here are some links that might prove useful: