New to the forum, been in the community for a while

Hey, call me Zee. Thanks for having a look. I’ve have in the magic/spiritual community for nearly 10 years now. I’ve been having paranormal, spiritual or “psychic” experiences for as long as I can remember.

I’m here to share stories and looking to connect with interesting people. I don’t claim any titles, as I’ve got my hands in so many paths and a few initiations. Crystals, jinn, planewalking interest me. I do work with a few people have called “demons,” and my main area of focus are the Watchers. They made themselves known to me several years ago. I’ve valued their gifts, guidance and insights since.

I started working with the Simon Necronomicon and Lesser keys, drifted in to a year of gnosticism (AMORC, RosiX), drifted on to eastern philosophy and techniques. I’ve got my own mix of chaos/spirit work that I practice. I do a lot of work and channeling with some “new age” (blah, eye roll I know) concepts like akashic records, past life regression, crystal healing, and hypnosis. Star seed and other “odd” soul incarnation studies as well. Having a well rounded perspective is my goal.

Overall I’m just a chill, regular person. I’m an amateur photographer, life long artist, major in philosophy and an aspiring small business owner. I like cats, tattoos and collecting odd antiques.

All in all, I am always searching, never satisfied.

Current Study: Liber Null, Transcendental Magic, Lesser Keys.

My work: Tantra/Sex magic, banishments/conjuring, past life regression, mediumship, Tarot, worting, gridkeeper/earth communion

She/her/they, 20-something yrs old :alien:


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested, and welcome to the forum.

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