New to spirit evocation and i need help

hi, my name is antoinne. I really need some help. I have been working with king paimon and forneus but lately I have started to notice that king paimon doesn’t talk to me as much as he used to. I have only been working with him maybe 6 months, I asked him for some stuff and I promised to make a statue for him and put up my webpage for him to help me with. can someone tell me if he thanks im not going to keep my word? im in a place right now where I have limited internet access and hardly any privacy. can someone give me any advice or talk to him for me? also can anyone tell me why forneus and king paimon sound the same just with different personalities?thank you


Dont worry they understand.they know everything about you,before you know it yourself.They see your true intention.Maybe they talk not much,because they are busy.
I have the same problem with Lucifer and lord Belial.

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so in other words u mean I have nothing to worry about? thinks for answering too.

About spirits sounding the same, this may occur especially in case of no dismissal but, even then, once evoked they will somewhat remain.

u know that is true, I notice that there r times that they will talk to me during the day. I do use a dismissal but maybe its not good enough. do any of you have a good dismissal that I can use?

Which dismissal do you use you have different you use the Lesser banishing ritual or a different one? If you do this and it dont work.
You can ask the archangels as you are comfortable with them or ask the crown princes that its what i do.maybe it works for you too.
But before you do that you can ask it why they are here.maybe they want to tell you something.

oh I know they want to tell me something, I like talking to them.

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: (I’m a little late but whatever :joy:)

Sometimes they talk alot to us, sometimes you just have to swim.
They’ll watch over you and are near you, but you gotta figure out things on your own.

Always remember, they’ll push you towards ascending, they make you aware of the tools you can use and the roads you can take but in the end, it is you who got to do it.
Thats why sometimes it looks like they’re more on the background or so.

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ok, thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.