New to practicing magick, New to the community


Hey All,

Magick has been around me for as long as I can remember…

You can call me Jo, I’m in the US more specifically Philly.
I am working on trusting myself and building my confidence, the lack of these things are stifling my growth.

I struggle to identify my preferred magick and topics of study. There is so much, I feel overwhelmed. Currently I am working on building my relationship with Lilith. She came to me during a really dark time in my life. I study Tarot and use the Thoth deck, as well as a pendulum. I have recently begun to do spell work with candles & herbs and I like rocks and connecting with my ancestors.

Areas where I could use support:
-Strengthen and identify abilities ( to be honest, when i have had a drink or two, messages are much clearer, this cannot be the only way! lol)
-Work through socially constructed ideas/labels/stigmas about particular areas of magick. I love learning.
-Enhancing my tarot reading skills: I am self taught and do my own thing because of this I sometimes hit roadblocks

Where I can help:
-I read tarot

Look forward to connecting with you all


Welcome to the BALG forum!


Hello Philly Jo, welcome


Hello to you as well and thank you!


Welcome to the forum.


Hello Jo, welcome to the forum! :sunny:


Thank you Rav!



I also read tarot, it’s fun but frustrating when doing it for yourself!


Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the party


Welcome :slight_smile: