New to Luciferic religion

Greetings brothers and sister of the Craft. I want to introduce myself. I am Chris and I have been doing some investigating into Lucifer. I have been into the craft, but in the white MagiK since I was really young. One of my best friends told me about this, since she has started her journey with Lucifer, and some of my investigations lead to like minded relatability. I do believe I can learn a lot from this site.


Welcome! I am newer as well and working on getting to know Lucifer. You will really like him… he can be intense… but it’s great!

Use the search bar to learn a lot.

Search for my journal on here…search Connecting With King Lucifer and follow me there. I’m posting updates as regularly as I can about my getting to know him. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration.

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Thank you. I am just so eager to find the truth. Religion, in general, is such a controversial issue especially from the differnet branches of their beliefs, but I k ow for certain I believe in the craft.

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We dont say the r word around here :triumph::triumph:
Welcome to the forum pal :grin:


Yeah, I’m not fond of the term religion myself though there may be some that follow a doctrine and dogmatic practice to get followers and money by creating such. At such points I wonder how much is truly for Lucifer and not for that particular person or groups creating a “religion” or cult. I will try to work with spirits to better myself and if successful tell others which spirits I worked with that aided me greatly and the general experience. That said, I can’t say I had an entirely bad experience with religions but then again, I didn’t deal with the top tier people of said religions.

Welcome to Balg.


Here’s the post that made me dive deep into the occult. It’s one of those things that I dont think I found randomly if you know what I am saying. It has 3 long parts tho so idk if you’re into big texts but I think it’s worth the read.

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I have been working more and more with the spiritual realm. I have found that the view of Lucifer has been severely affected by other beliefs and from what I’ve gathered, Lucifer is totally worth getting to know. I’ve found keeping an open mind and an open heart is key on finding the truth. I’ve always said, the true belief is within you. It is up to us to dig for it and fully investigate the truth. That is what I plan on doing.

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Your journey with Lucifer will definitely be interesting…

Do you have any other areas of interest?

Yes, welcome!
Lucifer is a great teacher and wonderful friend.


Welcome @Sirhc. Please tell us more about your experience in magick. Saying “I have been into the craft but in the white magick since I was really young,” doesn’t really tell us anything.

What, exactly, do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What systems and methods of magick do you have experience in?

Ive been practicing almost all my life. I started around 7 years of age. It started with my grandmother and I progressed from there. Ive been in several covens, lead a couple of them, and mainly centered my path around Cerridwen. When it comes to practicing the Luciferian rehlm, I dont have much practice. Ive done some research and have a close friend that practices. I would love to find a teacher/mentor that could help guide me.

I would fall under the Pagan portion. Most of my life Ive practiced witchcraft. That is all I know. As I stated before, I want to be challenged and I need to be keep an open mind and heart to embrace the truth. The more I research Luciferian, the more I start drawn to it.

Have you practised any specific tradition of witchcraft or was it just a general system?

Ive practiced more general. I never wanted to zero in just one area. Im a free spirit and a sponge in the things that interest me. How about you?

I’m a ceremonial magician. Been practicing for somewhere around 25 + years. Did my time in the Golden Dawn system, took a small detour into Aleister Crowley, then onto Enochian, Hermetics, and the Chos Magick paradigm. For the last ten years or so, I’ve been praciticng the system of evocation of EA Koetting.


Welcome back after a year.

That sounds interesting. I have a question. Witches like me that grew up in witchcraft, do they do witchcraft in Luciferian? Ive heard conflicting sources on the internet. You know what they say If its on the internet its real lmao. If so, what would you advise me to follow? Any particular path?

Luciferian witchcraft is a valid tradition. Check out the book Luciferian Witchcraft by Michael Ford.

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Thank you DarkestKnight. I am going to do that. What would you recommend for a newbie like me?

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Well, you’re not really a newbie if you’ve been pracitcing as long as you have said lol

You could begin with building an altar to Lucifer, and meditating on his seal to make contact.