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Hello my name is Torbjorn Odinsson, I am a Norse Vitki, and My patron is Odin, I am Currently writing a book which should be coming out soon. Title: Odin,and the Dark Path Of Wisdom



How long have you walked your path?

Do you have any magical experience outside of the Norse?

I have walked this path for going on 5 years now, I have worked with celtic deities but I feel more comfortable with the norse deities,I work with seidr,galdr,and rokkr.My experiences will be documented in my book. I will be posting some previews soon. Thanks for the welcome.
Yours truly, Torbjorn Odinsson

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Sorry I did not know, wont happen again.

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lol ? honestly ? @DarkestKnight

i think you should be proud of this kind of posts …

welcome to forums, i been studying some norse mythology, since im from finland,just been stuck on egypt last few years.


The rules of the forum aren’t mine, dude. They were created by the co founders, and it’s better to let newcomers know them up front before they get themselves in trouble and have to deal with the mods. We want new members to stuck around.