New to candle magic

I have recently performed my first successful candle magic spell. It was nearly two weeks ago and the positive affects of it are still occurring. I still have the candles in place from the evening of ritual and have not performed any other type of candle magic since then.

My questions are, is their a direct relation to these ongoing affects and the candles still being in place? It seems that every few days a positive result of the ritual presents itself to me. Once I remove the candles how long should I wait before performing the same spell again (if necessary) and should I use new candles if it is the same type of spell? I know for love/sex spells new candles are to be used each time. This was not that type of spell.


Thanks for your response. I will need to remove them to perform further rituals in that spot. The energies are still working in my behalf, so I think it is time to remove them and perform my next spell.