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hello everyone,

I just created my account for the first time after having researched on this forum for the last few weeks. figured it was about time. My name is chris, and I live in sc of us. so I’m super new to practicing magick. I feel like I resonate so much with the LHP and black magick (people are saying this is racist to say, so correct me if I should call it something else now). I am truly lost. I have no clue how to feel my own energy, do the chakra things, or even use any psychic abilities. I hope to eventually see or hear spirits. evoke and invoke. I hope to get acquainted with my shadow and hs. I hope to work with infernals and the goetia, if they even wish to work with me. I wish to meet my guides and ancestors. I have so much to learn and I have no damn clue how to properly start. while I have used these forums for research I have had to navigate with little concept of what to look for, picking up a little and putting pieces together. it has been hard to determine good useful info from the opposite and I dont know how to sift through things to start properly. im meditating and trying to learn how to enter a trance. I am trying to figure out how to get the theta gamma sync to happen. I cant even lucid dream let alone soul travel. im so damn confused. guidance would be awesome. I dont have anything to contribute but once I gain experience I will love to add to things. I have tried 3 evocation and not much has happened. nothing worth noting yet. I want to experience seeing and hearing so I may aquire personal gnosis and grow my power. I look forward to the guidance and wealth of knowledge you all have and will try not to ask things already asked. thank you all for any assistance and welcoming you provide.

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Welcome @gnostis.sophos

Did you use a specific working system? There are certain principles that all forms of evocation adhere to, regardless of the dressing, and if you do not meet those principles, evocation will not be successful.

How long have you been practicing?

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so i know of people’s feelings about him, but I started my first two using VKs information about evocation. I gave some offerings, had candles, a sigil of vk creation and some of the chants for the evocation. the last one I tried i tried doing a make shift circle out of rope (all I had) after seeing EA use one and reading some of balg ebook. It was barebones though since I haven’t gotten to dump money into getting supplies. I made the sigil out of my blood and ash to maybe strengthen it. im really just getting the bare info since it doesn’t seem to all be collected in a single place. so it’s tips from anywhere I can grab.

also been practicing for like a month

Hi Chris, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

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hello, thanks for the warm welcome. I look forward to learning and getting to know everyone

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That is most likely one of the reasons for your lack of success. You are not using a legitimate working system. You are simply grabbing things you think might work from different systems and mashing them together without understanding their purpose.

For s simple, easy to use method to practice, type “evocation guide” into the search bar in the upper right, and click on the 5th option that comes up. It will be very helpful.

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I see, thank you so much. out of curiosity dont I need to like open my third eye or unblock my psychic abilities. connor kendall told me im trying to see while blind and hear while deaf. I feel like as sensitive as a dinner fork, and im wondering if that plays into anything too. I dont ever feel powerful. some background. I come from atheistic background with a strong scientific curiosity. Christianity drove me to fall from all things spiritual hence why I was so closed off. I couldn’t shake that I needed to become this though. so idk if that also is why i dont have any gifts. imma go look at what you told me though. thank you very much

Yes, you do need to develop your senses, but that comes with practice. All the different parts work together, so work with your chakras, practice trancework, and practice the steps of evocation.

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ok absolutely. I shall do that for sure. I assume a trance should be obvious if you really are in it right? I’ve done some long meditation and I really never know if I’ve entered a trance. sorry for all the questions and im very grateful for your responses. also I think it was EA who said in his book, evoke often. speaking of which let me know what you think of this advice but I read that you evocation can be better if you start practicing invocation first. I felt like possession should be more advanced but then again Idk much. what are your thoughts on that.

No, trance can be very subtle. Most people enter trance every day and don’t even realise it. The first level is called Alpha, and is a state of deep relaxation.This is what you slide into whenever you “zone out” while watching television, or listening to a boring lecture in school.

I have a tutorial on trancewrok with some different exercises. Just type “trancework tutorial” into the search bar. It’s the first one that comes up.

I agree.


Traditionally, invocation is used to take on certain traits or qualities of a spirit. It is NOT possession, because you are not allowing the entire consciousness of the being inside of you, only parts of it. A good example, would be invoking Thor for courage. What you are doing when you do this, is calling upon the god to basically lend you his courage, to make his courage part of yourself. Wonder Woman’s famous line, “Hera, give me strength!” is essentially invoking the queen of the gods to lend her might.

In ceremonial magick, invocation has been generally used only for the spirits one wishes to become like, mainly gods and angels, and evocation was mainly used for demons, because it was believed to be safer to keep them at arms length.

Now, a lot of beginners become confused because the religious practice of demonolatry uses the term “invocation” a bit differently. What a demonolator calls invocation is basically an invitation to the demon, asking it to show up. They consider the practice of evocation to be the summoning by force, commanding the demon to appear.


Hello and welcome! I was exactly like you. Lurking the forum for days/weeks before finally joining. Don’t give up. It works!

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thanks capt. I will try to find my own way for the most part but I wont hesitate to ask if I feel a particular post didn’t hit what I was seeking or to hopefully be linked to one that will. I really want to try not to bother with questions already asked. i have so many but I must maintain my enthusiasm so I dont rub anyone the wrong way.

Those people just want to get noticed in the society.

They will say anything they want because they got free speech.

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Hello Chris. Welcome to the rabbit hole known as BALG. Enjoy the process of becoming. Blessings.:metal:

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I had asked one of the people making the claim if they had the sources on them so I can read about it. I have no problem calling it something else if their claim was true, but I was told I wouldn’t be spoon fed and I can Google it. which while it was true I could, they made a claim and failed to understand burden of proof. now after quick research it remains unknown as the topic was harder to find info on then I initially thought. looks like there may be some merit to the concept but it is too soon and unknown to say

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If I now say black magick, people would call me racist?

thank you very much for the kind welcome Ron. I very much look forward to getting to know all of you and to tap into those experiences and wells of knowledge and wisdom. blessings

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it doesn’t seem like it’s very wide spread like that but it is gaining traction. like all things in magick, looking it up gives you so many things. I get fictional, historical (one which says yes and another which say no), i get magic the gathering, I get magic the illusionary type. so its been not so pin point. it sucks that people can’t just give the sources. I mean black magick is the sound of magick of the darkest. I like it. if it really does have something to do with African magick, which I hope that isn’t why it was coined (and I doubt it), Idk what to call it. the same people making the claim want to say just call it baneful magick and have a small understanding that black magick isn’t just baneful magick, but magick based in darkness and dark energy

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I’m new to this world as well and I’ve had some success. Maybe we can message each other and see how things are going and help each other.

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