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My name is John. While I’ve studied magic & religions for some time now, I have little to no experience with applications of it. For me it’s more of a curiosity than anything. And, while I am sceptical of much of it, I recognize the psychological effects that certain practices may have on individuals. However, I’ve seen no verifiable evidence to warrant any solid confidence in it. Yet, I am open to much.

I don’t see myself practicing, save for one particular goal… And if it is met, would not practice any further.

While I respect that it is a spiritual & very personal path & journey for some, for me & my concerns it would simply be a means to an end.

My concerns & interest are primarily with the mind, & human psychology. As far as my own personal spiritual path, it is Buddhism, of which I have been practicing for 6 yrs now. I know that there is a great deal of difference between the philosophies of the magician & a Buddhist, but I’m not here to prioritize anyone (nor would any practicing Buddhist). I believe in “different strokes for different folks” & that one’s own spiritual journey & development should be & is a deeply personal one.

I look forward to reading others post & getting to meet & know each of you (even if just a little).


John. A. K. A: Veggie_man

Déjà Vu? If you’re a cynic and don’t believe in the powers of Witchcraft why are posting and trying to join a forum that is dedicated to magic on all levels. I would figure someone who does not believe would run from a forum like this.


Call it curiosity & being an individual who is open to personalise. And, being sceptical isn’t the same as believing it’s not real, simply having doubts & no experience of evidence. The lack of faith in something is just that, a lack of faith, but to say that it’s not real with no evidence is just as much a matter of faith …only in the opposite direction.

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In my younger days I too thought Witchcraft or sorcery was something from the middle ages, old myths and legends. Summoning demons to effect revenge or for gain, I thought was impossible and the work of fiction.

What I have learned to my chagrin and horror is that Witchcraft is very real and many people in the 21rst century do practice the black arts and Wicca to effect change. These various Deitys do exist and they can cause harm.

The problem as I see it is the media and television many of these shows to include Ghost Hunter’s is the worst, with two brain dead plumbers who fabricate many episodes with camera tricks and after effects.

With Witchcraft you set your own limitations with your magical concept in which various fields of magical energy exist, your will or consciousness is the fundamental force to move your magic forward.

The magical forces of the world are controlled by nothing more than the will and concentration of the magician as you set your own limits some for gain and benefit, others for malice or revenge.

Many are secretive about there practice and very few will disclose there knowledge especially for baneful work or hexes for revenge.

I can guarantee you that magical forces are real as well as the demons that carry out the castings and not a disturbed mind of a delusional psychotic.

Much evidence does exist mostly with physical manifestations of a hex to the victims of sorcery to include burn marks on the targets skin, physical destruction of the targets property and malfunctioning technology.

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I like curiosity, buddhism brought me here you could say LOL.

What form of Buddhism do you practice?

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Tibetan Mahayana @Aprentiz

I’m open to the possibilities because I’ve seen evidences which substantiate the practices of energy work & have had some experience in energy work (working with chi) myself. Such practices such as Reiki, Chi users, & Psychic vampirism have valid scientific support to them & have been measured by science.

This is what opened the door of the realm of possibility to my mind, concerning Witchcraft & Sorcery.

I believe what has built up so much doubt in my own mind are those who imagine the majority of their experiences & most of all charlatans. But, thank you for your openness.

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