New Thought/Kybalion/Atkinson

Hey everyone. Love the forum. I signed up a little over a week ago and am astounded every time I read through some of the posts. To quote Shakespeare “there are more things on heaven and earth than dreamt of in your philosophy.” There really is.

Anyway, I see a lot of references on this message board to the Kybalion which was written by William Walker Atkinson under one of his many pseudonyms “The Three Initiates.” I read a few books by Atkinson before starting the Kybalion and I love his writing style. As a matter of fact, The Arcane teaching is what got me thinking about these other things on heaven and earth, which led to one thing, then another, eventually to EA and then his forum.

My question is, what is it in particular about the Kybalion that could be labeled as black magick? And were there any other influential new thought authors that influenced any of you in your practices? An Emmet Fox book was my personal introduction to new thought. I understand this may be a very RHP post and may be better suited as a post in that section but anyhow. Thanks in advance for the responses!

That the individual is the sole manifesting force in their own lives, the character in the book (to use the analogy) who can use the Laws correctly to begin to write his or her own destiny; this is a fundamental reversal of the Abrahamic idea that God creates a world and set of circumstances that we must try to endure as best possible without breaking any of “God’s” rules, and with no control except hoping our prayers will be heard, and it also reverses the fatalistic eastern idea that our outcomes are fixed reactions to our actions (karma), whiuch can be mitigated by never avoided, and that our lives should take a specific path, dharma.

The explanation of the Divine Paradox in the Kybalion dispels forever the apathy and indifference towards the suffering of others (especially those born into low-status states) that ideas about karma inevitably produce. It’s a liberating principle.

Although people can believe in either of those religious systems (religious because they believe in a controlling external power) AND benefit a lot from the Kybalion’s teachings within the moral and mind-control frameworks they accept, it ultimately liberates us from those, and places man as Source made manifest, through the operation of certain simple Laws.

It’s the most LHP book ever written IMO.

And were there any other influential new thought authors that influenced any of you in your practices?

Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone liberated me from thinking my state of mind, personality and beliefs about myself were outside my control, and I learned from practicing their ideas (especially Nap. Hill’s “PMA” stuff) that thoughts can affect reality, even in mundane ways - a better attitiude, deliberately adopted, makes for a better day, better relationships, a better life and better lived experience as well.

This was a revolutionary concept for me, my family were very political (mostly left-wing) with a big social conscience, and I was kind of raised on the idea a human’s happiness depended on how society treated them, and how fair their share of life’s good things were. It’s hard to explain in words what a massively freeing thing it was to read my first Nap. Hill book saying no, happiness and self-belief can come from within, and you don’t need to wait (or fight) to be given them.

Hill gets slightly more into the occult (hidden, not immediately linked in obvious ways) in the book Think And Grow Rich where, for whatever reasons, he leaves the core concept (which is actually in the title, and obviously inspired by New Thought) for the reader to discover themselves.

David Neagle is the contemporary trainer & author (he only has one book out right now afaik but a ton of online material indlucing videos) who’s most helped me to understand these principles in terms of applying them to everyday life and situations, he’s talked many times about how the Kybalion is one of his foundation books for his own work, and he pushes the idea that we can change what we manifest in our own lives - and he doesn’t dredge up limiting concepts like karma or whatever.

I wouldn’t consider the Kybalion Left or Right, to be honest. If you’re doing magic, it doesn’t matter what the initial intention was beyond the final action in the Formative World. When looking at the Kybalion itself, it seems to be a smaller piece of the wider body of esotericism. Some people just feel that any magic is wicked and whatnot due to… well, numerous things. I do echo a lot of what Lady Eva said. Again, however, I don’t consider it left-hand.

Not when I consider the Tree of Life, with the Pillar of Severity being the right side of the body and left side when staring at a diagram- due to the force of harmony and balance. That would be, in a sense, more about correction of self to yoke with the Divine, if that’s your intent. Yet, if you want to do practical magic, with complete (and I mean complete) disregard to the consequences, the Kybalion can help as well.

As far as your second question goes, most of my early magical understanding had been because of Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Magick. Great introductory book and I push it a lot because it’s really good. It covers a lot of things and by and large, he’s accomplished his goal of being able to understand any magical book through his own teachings. If anything, that sets things up easier for me as a teacher myself for anything- not just magic but also mathematics, physics, biology, political science, etc.