New technology for altars?

I’m currently working with love demons, but I’m planning to get with money demons too. I’m in no way soliciting on this site. But since researching Clauneck etc, ideas keep popping in my head to boost my side hustle. I deal in custom LED. I wonder if the the spirits would like LED sigils for the alter? I know the conjuring community would. It is the 21st century, and these enities have provided so much technology to us. Just an idea. Sorcery is on the rise across the planet, I sort of feel like a demon is telling me, make our alter spaces cooler. Any thoughts?


You need to ask them - they will tell you in no uncertain terms.

My altar is a biscuit tin lid, on an ironing board; I use beeswax candles and japanese incense, foil paper, blood and intent - I put my heart and intent into what I want. I’ve never been advised to change anything personally.

If you respect and honour the entities, make good on any contracts and payments then you will receive - if you are lax, you will be taught lessons for your own good.

Yes, give them sparkly lights if it pleases them and costs you money as a form of sacrifice to you personally - not if you are taking from an employer or attempting to brown nose as they detect this behaviour.


Right. My alter is nothing special neither. I do like to honor a spirit once I connect. Consulting the spirits is the best route. I’ve had this side hustle for some time. Then I fell in love. That brought me into the occult. Along the way I thought “wow”. I could help spread the craft for others and make money. Yes, it’s the spirits call. I’m going to consult them.

I love the idea. A custom, LED accentuated altar would be not only cool, but if you were of the school of thought that colors altering vibrational frequency via light filtration is a thing then you could use it to a beneficial effect. It would be even neater to be able to change the color at whim to fit different uses of the altar.

It could also potentially add to the psychodrama impact factor. Incense smoke rising from an altar with crimson light flooding out of a sigil would be brutal. Like a real world, esoteric Holicron.



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My products light up in different colors! Can’t wait to consult them. I at least want one for me.

Oh, I believe that for sure. That’s why I’m going to consult first.

You may also use psionics ( there are free books of Cosimano and information throughout the web) you may even create better antennas for aether.
You may combine all LED Sigils into it, and may be ask entities and request help for better devices.

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Thanks. I already sell led stuff. I’m going to consult different demons, to see if they approve. I see it as a possible win win. I help spread the occult and make some money. It all depends what I feel they want. It’s the 21st century. They may appreciate the lighted sigils.