New Tarot Deck?

I currently have a tarot deck that was given to me, but it has no guide book. I have been told by two of my friends that it’s important to be given one, rather than buy one.

What is everyone’s view on this? Why do you think being given a deck is better than buying one?

It isn’t better, that ideology is honestly stupid to me, all the decks I bought were ones I felt drawn to, being given one sounds honestly like some weird wiccan custom lol. (but dont quote me on that)


I think its nice to have a tarot deck given, but its utter none sense and kind of gatekeeping if your deck has to be given to you. Older used decks have a lot of energy attached to them, which could be a good or bad thing. Honestly, I think you are better off starting fresh with a deck that calls to you, and one whose art you can appreciate and enjoy.

If it is something you enjoy, you’ll want to study and work with it more, especially if its something you chose for yourself.

To sum it up, while its nice to have the sentimental value of a gifted deck, don’t let that stop from exploring other decks. Every deck is valid, as the magic of divination is really already within the practitioner. It is just a tool.


I thank the both of you for your replies and I do agree. These two were from the Blinded “love and light” following. I just wanted to make sure my ego wasnt getting in the way haha

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I’m more of an intuitive reader than one who is by the book. If you want one though you can get it anywhere. Many decks are even going to some pdf QR code guide so it’s up to you.

What? I’ve never heard of such thing.

A QR code or an intuitive reader?

A tarot deck by QR code.

Oh. Yeah. It’s a thing now for many guidebooks. I’m not saying they’re not helpful. They can be especially in the beginning, but many companies are now putting our cards and then on the back of the box they give you a code to reference the pdf book. It’s probably what the future will be for most.

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That’s brilliant. I lost my guide that came with the first deck I bought.

That’s unfortunate. You might want to check the website of the company that made it. Some offer free official digital versions of the guidebooks.

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I use the book and my intuition, mainly because each card has multiple meanings and depending on the question and what your intuition pulls to. The type of readings I do are mostly in the scope of spiritual stuff like godforms, true selves, etc so it takes a bit of work.


I would love the Leviathan Oraculum but I cant afford a $200 deck right now haha

I feel blessed, really, to have had the same deck for over twenty years. I’ve also seen other Thoth decks in a lot worse condition than mine so perhaps that’s saying something. It wasn’t given to me either.
Once you’ve worked with the same deck for a long time certain cards will really hit you like a punch in the gut, or instantly make you feel elated etc.
I think it’s best to have researched your cards from whatever guide there is so you know their basic meanings but then put the book aside during your readings and let the moment speak for itself in the spread before you. You can always return to your guide book afterwards for confirmation. You can also study your cards, by meditating on them, at any time.


The tarot Deck must be New. It’s adviced to wear it at least 24 hours and than do an activation ritual. Some baptise it like a Cristal Ball or Black Mirror and bestow upon it the powers of the 5 elements.


There’s a lot of superstition that comes out of some witchy communities. It honestly makes no difference that I can tell.
In a gifted deck I’d think you’d have to do more work to clear it of the previous owners energy, check it for parasites and reconsecrate it.

In which case a new deck would be better - also, as you’ve seen, it’s missing the book so now you need to track that down and maybe repurchase to get that, as those are tailored to the deck.

If a dabbler wanted to gift me an expensive deck that was complete, that’s cool. A practicing mage, eh, could be more trouble than it’s worth depending what thier practice is.
I probably wouldn’t use it though, I have my deck I bought 30 years ago and I don’t need another.


I don’t think it is necessarily better, but it is a nice gesture. I have a Norse Tarot deck that I was given back when it was out of print by a good friend i worked on magically while they were in the hospital. It did not come with the book, so I had to work harder to read it, which is a drawback for those just learning how to read. But, after learning the runes and identifying the gods within the cards as an additional layer to interpretation, it is one of my favorites.


Great to hear, guys. I will begin looking for decks immediately! Hopefully I will find one that resonates with me as well as you guys have.

@anon48079295 I agree 100%. Because, Man if I continue to wait to be given one…it wont happen in this lifetime…at least not with out several very strongly worded hints to my other half… I think that has to be one of the dumbest rules that i have heard when it comes to tarot.

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Also there are some really good books that have a one size fits for all vibe. Really helpful for beginners and even the more practiced reader. but my personal uneducated opinion, nothing is going to beat working with your deck consistently and feeling their meaning. Its divination and that requires intuition. A book can only get you so far.

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