New Student of Dark Magic Here. Any advice?

Hello. I am a newbie to this site and to Dark Magic itself. My only prior experience (or anything even close) is tarot/angel/oracle card readings, Tantric practices, Shamanistic practices I have learned, and Crystal Reiki (I am a level 15 Reiki Grandmaster). I stumbled upon this site doing research and am now hooked on its potential. I definitley want to take courses, but have no idea where to begin. Can anyone make recommendations for a total newbie? I definitely want to learn more about evocation and divination, but want to make sure I take the correct beginner’s course first before I make any financial commitment. Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance.

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Just read what others post in general thats what i do and i learn a lot


i thought there were 4 levels

i second what shadow said, learn from forum

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Welcome :blush:

This may help…

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Practice makes perfect , work hard , everyone has their individual journey , take it easy and put your heart and soul into your practice

Theoretically about BALG courses your first ones may be Mastering Divination and M. Evocation, they correspond to the 2 Godlike Powers of Omniscience and Omnipotence (then it comes Soul Travel - Omnipresence, and other possible study programs such as Black Magick, psychic defence or Kundalini).

Fapa79: I was actually considering starting with Mastering Divination and Evocation, or just purchasing that whole “Mastering” value pack. I needed to know if I was correct in my assumption or not. Thanks.

Ah! Perfect! Thanks, Angliaenchantress82.

I’d say don’t put pressure on yourself for seing immediate resources you’ll learn to adapt your process based on your needs and what not.

I would start with the two EA courses about divination and evocation and just check a couple of books based on your needs and what you’d like to learn ( Qabbalah, Demonology, Energy works… )

StrengthenedWarrior: Kind of. There are the traditional stages that usually culminates in the teaching certification. However, there are also modalities taught by specific instructors that go beyond what is taught in the traditional levels. They are known as the “grandmaster” levels, but that doesn’t mean that they are “better” than the first three levels. They just teach more symbols and you get attunements for all of them that you wish to receive. It’s just a personal choice about how much you wish to learn. And, I was actually mistaken, I am actually now a 20th level Reiki Grandmaster. There are also many other forms you can learn and get attunements for, such as Rainbow, Atlantian, Quantum, Crystal, Karuna Ki, etc.

Pandagoose: OK. Sounds perfect. I was actually considering starting with those two or just purchasing that whole Mastering value pack. I am also reading Mr. Koetting’s books offered through Kindle Unlimited in chronological order. I’ve read some Demonology books and energy works books before. Thanks for responding.

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