New Sigil

This sigil was generated and influenced by Satan. Try it and tell me what you think.

All imput welcomed.


I do feel some energy from it.

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Cool. What impression you get?

Satan or Lucifer? I’m getting a mix of Lucifer & Lilith from it. Union of dark feminine & Illuminating masculine energy.


I’m getting the mixture of celestial / cosmic power mixed In with a little bit of infernal hellfire


just strengthened other Energy’s which where around, and pulled all of them deeply into the stomatch.

Basicly made the energy being sucked through the veil into the Underworld / Tree of Death.

(that was just looking at the Sigil, without opening or conjuring.)



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I don’t get a specific impression, just feel energy from it. There is a presence, which reaches out to me, I just can’t pick up on who or what it is.

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Can anyone confirm if negative energy gets transmutted into positive energy???

And/ or some sort of protection???

@Lady_Eva. I would love to hear your impressions. Respectfully or anyone else for that matter. I’m trying to encourage as many people as I can.

For me it would be good for shadow work. The illuminating masculine revealing the hidden aspects within the dark lunar feminine. This allows you find the trauma or problems hidden in the unconsious and through illumination start repairing it.


I like the sound of that!

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Reminds me of Varnaxis, and he works within, and is a part of, the Set/satanic current.