New. Seeking guidance and wisdom please. Thank you!

New to the forum and this world of spirits. I don’t really know anything other than what I’ve learned from the Bible growing up as a Christian. I’ve made a couple connections with Lilith and was over filled with joy and laughter each time. But all I did was chant her enn. I really know nothing and wouldn’t mind some guidance and wisdom. I was drawn at first by my base desires and then learned about the relationship aspect which is more of an interest for me. A couple times I’ve had weird dreams where I feel as I’m being approached by something or someone but then I get super defensive about my kid and I fight with everything I have to kill what ever it is thats approaching me. I don’t have a kid… So I dont understand my dreams.

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Welcome to the BALG forum.

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One thing I know about dreams is that the imagery is symbolic. Being protective of a child in dream life while you lack one in real life speaks of an aspect of yourself, not an actual child.

Thats interesting. Thanks.

You’re welcome. Try looking into the archetype of the inner child and see if any of that information resonates with you. Good luck!

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Welcome to the forum.

And use the magnifying glass first if you have any questions.


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