New regiment

Hey my lovely family of BALG :slight_smile:

Starting tomorrow I am beginning a new regiment that will probably make me want to die :laughing: but in doing so should hopefully provide some powerful results for me.

This will be as follows:
Work my job, come home and study for 3 hours (I will be reading the Bundahishn, the Avesta scriptures and the BMoA), go for a half hour jog in my heavy work pants and steeltoed boots, write music for half an hour, then do my fundamentals out of the BMoA.

I am also going to decrease my caloric intake and drink 4 liters (1 gallon) of water every day.

This will be the journal I keep through this journey.

Wish me luck!



Oh boy that is a heavy schedule indeed! I have to study those same books. (I have BMoA too.) I have a problem though!! The damned scriptures do NOT make sense to me! My brain freaks out when I read them and I get lost. The backwards interpretation makes sense and I can understand that FINE. Maybe it is just my mind. Do you have the same issues? Well, just know that you have someone else here doing the same thing you are… except for the running part… I am going to the gym and riding the bike 5 miles a day. Anyhoo. If you want to talk or need a fire under your ass I have a lighter! And I’m great at pep talks!! hehehe! And I am just a message away! You can DO this!! And LUCK has NOTHING to do with it! This is all you and your abilities and your will. You will it it will happen! Make it happen!


Your not the only one. I can make sense of most of it ok, but while reading the text my brain tries to flip its shit and find something else to focus on. Reading those things are an exercise in self-discipline for me to say the least.


I hear you! The thing it they have been guiding me for years to study that. I just had no idea why. I would think I should study that! I should research that! I should look that up! And I would immediately say naaaaaa! And push that silly thought away. NOW I am reading BMoA and bam… there it is and they are saying straight out to study it… hangs head… Whhhhyyyyyyyyyy??? I am just hoping that I can see the real meaning and backwards thinking like I should. As of yet, no. But I just started reading the BMoA so I figure it will come. I’m patient and stubborn as a mule. hehehe!


Please whip me into shape!


I’ll whip you alright!!! hehehe! I got yo whip right here!


I wish you luck! :slight_smile:

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I also have the BMOA, I love it been working through it like a motherfucker haha if you’re struggling or need any thing cleared up just send me a message.

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The way it’s explained in the book is the avesta texts work towards preparatory immersion, same as when you research before a new pathworking or spirit.

As i have been trying to get through some of the texts some of the foundation exercises and the ignition of the black sun would become more intense.
Usally when focusing on a specific div in the ritual, this may be due to the fact i do the ritual slightly different than givin in the book by one point. I posted about it here.

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