New problematic

Hello everyone ! I allow myself to pose here a new problematic situation … and at the same time, I give you some information about my experiences.
I have already worked with Abigor, Sallos, Gremory and Sitri (I also thank them for always helping me).

I noticed that Abigor had rather submissive women (masochistic limit) who had suffered a lot. Sallos offers women faithful, sweet and sometimes even mother of a child. Gremory makes it possible to speak openly and kindly with women by defusing all conflict situations. Sitri allows you to go to the simplest way to sex, no matter the target.

I try to ask you my request as clearly as possible.
I would like to be contacted by a girl who is currently in a relationship but lives far away, very far from home. Previous entities did not respond on this request. I tried a glass of domination, nothing did.
I thought of two solutions: either Lucifer or Abaddon.

I thought of Asmodeus but I had a very bad experience with him (about this situation) a year ago … he made me feel totally hateful and nasty, as if I was vomiting a black bile. Finally it did not help me at all.

I thought of Lucifer to motivate the thoughts and events of the world to draw him back to me.
I thought of Abaddon because it is written that he can bring back someone by destroying all obstacles. But can he also bring love in the end? It’s less sure.

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