New Palera. Interested in meeting others

Hello everyone. I’m a newly initiated Ya Ya Nkisi Malongo in Palo Bryumba. I am a member of a munanzo. I’m learning a lot and I know different houses have different ways of doing things so I’m hoping to share and learn the things we are permitted to share with one another. I am also very interested in Vodoun and I am studying Santeria, but I’m not initiated in that tradition yet.

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Welcome! And congratulations! I don’t practice Palo, but I do practice Yoruba/Ifa. I believe they have some similarities. I know a lot of people who are connected to or initiated in Palo!

Hi, Its nice to meet you. I’m also studying Santeria, but I’m not initiated yet. The Spirits of both are very similar.

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Yes indeed. I know some Santeria people as well. It is all mostly connected.

What brings you here?

I just want to meet other like-minded folks and offer help/advice to those who I may be able to assist. I also want to learn from those who have knowledge to offer. What about you?

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I’ve been in Ifa awhile.

Came here learning about the demon pantheon. It is very interesting and eye opening. Lol you will learn a lot.

I also try to share what I can when it’s something I am knowledgeable on.

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome @Lamia_NightStorm, nice to have you here