New pacts!

My pacts have expired and i would like to assign new ones to certain spirits. The list goes as followed.
Balam… Is helping my vision stay true. Idk what else he can do.
Purson… Is helping me in magick.
Zagan… Is concealing my work from friends & foes.
Eligos= i kinda know what i want.
Expired to me means they have completed their end. I want to continue our bond and pacts because they are for certain days and years long. I do know however that its not required to have another task for them. In my mind though it helps me focus and double team certain issues. The ones expired i dont know what else they can do or help out. Please if anybody bring some light or darkness to the subject. Also i would like help agaisnt people and myself! Please thankyou brothers and sisters.
Noted. I could ask them myself but i was wondering what topics and reltaions you have had with them.