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My name is Jesse. I am in Arizona.
I have done a bit of candle magick in the past. I have been getting into Radionics and Psionics. I use pendulums and bobbers.
I have been practicing Radionics and Psionics for a year and a half.
I have been doing candle magick for 5 years. I have been using bobbers for 6 months and have been using pendulums for 1 year.

I am new to working with Demons. I did the ritual on youtube by JS Garrett using Suhn’Tal’Ock. I need to redo it as I had a few newbie errors.

I would like to combine Radionics and Demons if possible without irritating the Demons or any other entities. I am currently learning about the Demons and if Angel’s are required to work with them.

I am interested in Grey Magick, it’s black and white. So it would be using either of them.

Welcome @Magick_One

How long have you been pracitcing?

Yes, this has been done before. Have you read anything by Uncle Chuckie? I believe he talks about it in his materials.

No, angels are not required.

I just updated my information to include how long I have been practicing.