New on forum

Hey, my Name is Daniel, and my esoteric Name Gave by Azazel is Draggus.
I’m from Brazil, and i can Help with kimbanda witchcraft, candomblé, umbanda(brazilian-africans witchcraft in general)
Feel Free to PM me
And If Someome may Help me with Azazel, lilith and Astaroth infos, i’d be gratful


Welcome. Thank you for finally introducing yourself.

How long have you practised your path?

Why do you need help with Azazel if you have worked enough with him to be given a magical name?


Welcome to the forum Daniel.

I did start studying have 6 years, but practicizing only 2.
I live in a Christian belt city, and house, then for have a daily connection and practice with my matron or patron is a bit hard to me