New Moonology Deck (Closed)

Got a new moonology oracle deck it has small messages given on each card willing to break it in fo like 5-10 people. First come first serve. I will shufle deck for each person and spread out cards and feel for the card ment for you with hand over cards.


I’m in, mate.

I have a very specific question, yes or no type of question. It is something you can do?

I’m game. Thanks, man.

I’m in, what do I need to focus on right now? Thank you.

Let’s see how the message goes I’ll try answer the un stated question with u tuition from card read.
Full moon in Libra, a win win outcome is forecast. Le me know I that helps on the question you had

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Well, I didn’t try to hide the question, it was unintentional.

The question itself, if it changes anything, is if understood right what Hades was trying to tell me.

Hello Norse900 your reputation proceeded you.

So got out a drew the Full Moon in Cancer
“A personal issue reaches resolution.”

And I have a friend that youv helped out a bit I doubt they mentioned me I just consider you a cool guy.


She did mention you. She said you have crazy-good skills.


May I participate?

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I’m afraid to ask for a general reading spread :neutral_face:

Hmm from what I take from the card is might be my ght not be but they like what you think the message is from the win win part of the card. But I cut the deck again with your question at mind and got third quarter moon “adjustments are required”
So the newly dRawn card says you gvthe message wRong but seems like you must of been in the right track since our got win win for telling. I tried to picture Hades and seen the teen hercules image for him and when I asked he made 900 in blue white cloudy smoke, I think he was recommending aski ng 900 for help but I don’t wanna act like I’m volunteering him he’s free to be him, plus I dunno I he even interacts with him.


Woot I’m not as awesome as she made me sound but I o my moments I try to help when I can but my first experience with magic was all doing physical magic so it’s wierd switching to spiritual magic but fun, I just gotta keep at it. She made out seem very useful to have as a friend and super capable as a magician.


Are you still do this?

Hey vaynord how are you? I hope well

Im down. Just a general reading about the path im about to travel.

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So should be enought you focused on getting a message think if any topics stuck a cord might be where the caRd is referring to for you I pulled the
waning Moon, " what do you need to release"?"
So the cards made it oviouse ou have so this g your holding onto that’s harmful for you to keep holding onto our need to levit go. But it was asked as a question so it’s probably sonthig you dont evenn think of all that often. I often pulled all together and checked bottom card it nor ally has s condary message when I do single draws and it was South Node " Don’t le your past hold out back"

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I… didn’t understood this.

May you elaborate?

He means @anon39079500


So Mephisto for you I drew the New Moon in Libra. “A new romantic cycle begins” I tried to think more I to it and when I did I just seen so done give a thumbs up about the card not my questions. The bottom card was new moon aquarius, " bring love into the situation"


Thanks, Ket.

So… @anon39079500 any idea?

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Thank ya!