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Hi guys! I’m Danny. I’m from Europe and I came here to learn to use magic to buy a house for my and girlfriend. I was very skeptical until I decided to try as an experiment and I did a ritual so my sister can meet Justin Bieber. She won a trip to LA for something unrelated, and met him at a coffee shop. Weird story, but after that I had more faith. But now wanting to use magic to manifest a . home of my own. So we can start a family.


Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome to the forum.

So you are a complete beginner in magick, I am assuming from your description?

Yes! It’s been 2 months :).

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What method did you use to get your sister to meet Justin Beiber?

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I did a binding spell I found on Yotube to bind that event to happen. Tying knots… Then I called upon Oshun and offered her sunflowers if she made it happen… i think because i didn’t have too much resistance, it worked. I don’t remember what she won the trip for. We never win things, but I never told her. My sister became a crazy groupie.


Damn that’s quite an introduction to magick…
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

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Hehe. thank you Dankquanicus!!

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Welcome to the forum. Great work!