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Hello Everyone,

My name is Nadi and I am 35 years old. I am a new member to this community. I feel fortunate to have found this community. About a year ago, I was meditating to help cope with some some legal challenges I was experiencing. I felt hopeless. I was going to be given 6 months in jail and a felony. Everything was going wrong in my life. During my meditation I had a visualization of a demon. I wanted to know who the demon was, and something inside me told me to research demons. And, that’s when I came across the Goetia. What can I say? When I saw Belial’s Sygil. It was instant connection. Belial has helped me with my legal issues. I am so thankful to Belial. Lucifer has helped me as well. Ugh! The last two DAs I dealt with wanted to screw me over. And, I am so thankful to Bune who has been helping me financially during this difficult time. I love my beautiful demons for helping me get my charges dropped and helping me financially.

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Welcome to the forum.

What methods or system did you use?


I am new to working with demons. But, what has worked for me was drawing out the Sygils. And, building a connection with the demons through enn meditation chants. My consistency worked. Consistency was important.

So you are a beginner, and have only been practicing for a year, if I’m understanding you correctly?

Yes, a year ago I didn’t know anything about demons. I was always told demons were bad. But, for some reason… I was meditating one night at work (I work over nights). And, there was a demon that came to mind. So I had to find out who he was. I know it was Belial. I’m so thankful to him.

Thank you for elucidating more, and again, welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you :blush: