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Hi. I am a new member. I am trying to figure out the best spell to stop him going out of his way to hate me so much and intent on trying to destroy me. Is there a strong spell that could change his attitude towards me. I do not believe in doing anything that would cause him harm. Not because I care about him but because I do not believe that’s what magic should be used for.

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Welcome to the forum @Sophie_Davison .
Your post does not fit the criteria for a proper introduction, since you haven’t actually told us anything about yourself. Please edit your post or reply and tell us a bit more about:

  • your experience in magick
  • your success if you had any
  • what aspects of magick you are interested in
  • how long you have been in the craft
  • what your goals are

Now regarding your question, you could do a binding spell to cast him out of your life or a simple protection spell to yourself so that he won’t be able to hurt you in any way. You could always work with entities and try to manipulate his will to harm you without posing a threat to him. Best entities for that, I’d say Kings Paimon and Belial, although there are others who can help you with this,too.
Whatever feels right to you.


Good morning Sophie,


Where do you come from?

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Hi Sophie, and welcome…I must have missed where you mentioned who “him” is, and how he’s hurting you…:woman_shrugging:

Welcome! :smile:

Wow, You feel like you come from a pagan background. For someone to hate you so much and to try destroy you, it’s either born out of what the person perceives as rejected love or there is jealousy involved.

It’s very hard to point you in the right direction without you explaining more details on the situation and your magickal exposure. I will say that joining a forum and putting this uncomfortable situation to a bunch of strangers takes courage and suggest this is something that needs to end now!

Trust in your inner guidance and hope you can feel comfortable telling us more.

Welcome! It’s a little hard for me to make a suggestion of what you could do without having an understanding of your previous experience. This is why we ask for that to be included in new member introductions, so we may better help those with questions. None the less, I will do my best with things that would be easy to achieve for a beginner.

Here are three suggestions:

1.) Banishment: despite the whole free will arguement, banishment spells are not necessarily negative. They establish a boundary for others not to cross and drive away things that are harmful or no longer serve you. The target will not necessarily be harmed (unless you desire so to occur), just be removed from your life all together. If you use the search function, you will find many techniques on how to achieve this, including my own with the aid of the demon Sorath.

2.) Binding. Once again, not necessarily harmful unless you desire it to be so. It just puts a restriction on the individual by effecting the person on the subconscious level. This is very effective for stopping the damage, although how long the person is to be binded is up to you. I find freezer spells to be a good route to go on, which you can find using the search function.

4.) Petition: If you feel you need some help with the issue, getting a spirit’s attention to get the task done can be very successful. In your case, petitioning either Belial, Paimon or Zagan could be great avenues to help cox a change in perspective the target has on you. There is a great tutorial that has been written on the subject here as well.

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