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Hi I am new here. I have always been playing with magick since a child. My background is Thaidam english translation Black Thai. My family bloodline back home we are witches. Iv always been in and out of playing around with spirits as a kid and as I grew up, I lost my way and now I am back into learning. I remember my great aunt how she used to do rituals whether it be casting a spell or removing it. I remember we used to gather as a family as she did the ritual and sit while she chanted and chew garlic and spit it around the room lol. I don’t really know how to do proper magick when I want something I usually just chant how I feel and ask for help along the way with whoever I choose at that moment. I’d like to learn more and expand more on my knowledge. So far I’ve been doing that by reading threads and Googling LOL. I came across this site and thought it was interesting! I am hoping to be able to learn something from all of you. All my life since a child I kind of just went with the flow when it came to magick. I live in Canada growing up here people don’t have the same beliefs. That’s why growing up and becoming a teenager and adult I lost my way and forgot that I used to play around with magick. I recently got back into this a few years ago and everything that I remember is slowly coming back to me. My family however does not practice the way we used to as the generation has now passed on. No one here really practices anymore. For me to find someone to help me with it would be for me to go back home. So I’m glad I found this thread and I can connect.


Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:



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Thanks guys!

Wow awesome! Welcome!!