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Hey, new member here. Iv’e been using sigil magick and Gordan Winterfields 72 demons of magick, for the last 3 months. My visualization has definatly gotten stronger but I have a question regarding speaking to a demon in your head through sigil work.

How can I tell if it is genuinely the demon speaking to me or my mind fabricating it? Answers to my questions flow in my notebook but i’m unsure if it is my mind playing tricks on me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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When you say “sigil magick” are you referirng to the use of spirit seals or the Spare-style sigils where you make a statement of intent into a glyph?

Also. the only way to tell a spirit’s voice from your own inner voice is practice. Look for differences in grammar and syntax to the way you normally speak.

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Ye spirit seals, it’s not really a voice I hear, it’s more like sentences pop into my head…I’m currently working with Beleth at the minute, he told me earlier to contact Zepar. I read up on him but refrained from reading his appearance or seeing a picture of him as I did not want to be influenced by that. I fell into a trance like state while gazing at the sigil and went in my mind up a hill to a lonesome tree, there sat a man wearing a decorative suit of Armour resting a sword upright into the ground. He told me.

“Have your fun with your instrument of pleasure then run. Run from the destroyer of worlds, of dreams, of love for she is cancer”

referring to my ex with mental health problems whom I’m genuinely trying to help but she’s a lost, destructive being.

Anyway, looked up an image of Zepar after and was pretty blown away.

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