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I’m new to this community. I wanted to learn about all these and try to apply in my day-to-day life. I don’t have any prior experience to magick. Hope I can learn.

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Hi @love_paranormal ,

Please tell us a little more about you. This enables the forum members to tailor any help or replies to your post appropriately.
Take a look at others introductions. Welcome to the forum:)

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Welcome to the forum

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to the forum! Youve come to the right place if you want to learn, everyone is very friendly and happy to help. Hope you enjoy it here :blush:

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Do you meditate at all?

We have had a lot of people I feel join from your part of the world :slight_smile: Good to see this forums beacon shining bright globally.

I tried meditation. But, was not regular. Still in learning phase. I’ve heard that it gives more power.

let’s narrow down what you’re drawn to most, where’s you’re heart pulling you?

I know this seems too much for a newbie. But, I like to summon goetic demons. I actually tried once and got few positive signs the first day itself. But I didn’t saw any signs during the summoning. I don’t know if summoning was performed correctly.

Hey, everyone starts somewhere and if thats what you’re drawn to then that’s perfectly fine. Have you researched many of the 72?

Welcome to the forum.

I tried summoning Duke Sallos and Duke Dantalion. I felt like I should give time until I feel the presence.

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Thank you

So you love working with love huh? :slight_smile: Any motivation behind that?

Yes. I was in a relationship with a person. And he broke up with me. Eventhough I’m over that person, I felt that if given another chance, things would’ve been better. It’s more like an experiment. If he comes back, we’ll try again. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll learn something from the spirits. :slight_smile: