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Hello, I am a new member dragged face first into the left hand path by Lucifer (apparently l’m stubborn). My first question is this: my favorite artisan sent me a free sigil pendant for Murmur. This entity has never contacted me though, so I don’t know anything about them. Has anyone worked with Murmur? In my experience, if they wanted to work with me, I’d already have met them.


Please tell us a bit about yourself and your experience in magick. You haven’t really told us anything.

What do you practice?

How long have you practiced?

What particular system or method do you prefer?

What areas of magick are you most interested in?

What brings you here to BALG?

Okay. I will do better. I was in a Hindu cult for fourteen years, which was problematic in so many ways it would bore you to tears to list them all. However, it was very good moral training, and my guru had a special hatred for hippies, and I was a hippie. I now see young hippie-ish people, and thank my ex-guru silently for not putting up with my white girl bullshit.

After leaving this yoga group, I was really just all on my own, and started exploring. I had already developed telepathic abilities from my time in the group, as well as a deep understanding of chakras and energy work. However, I had thrown myself head first into worshiping Shiva, which resulted in a psychotic break, abetted by a black magic attack. In hindsight, it was a ‘shamanic initiatory experience,’ and a particularly violent one. Once I was over the trauma (mostly) I was able to experiment with energetic forces outside of my comfort zone, and had developed telepathic abilities.

Eventually, I realized focusing on the light wasn’t doing me any favors and was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I switched to what I called ‘darkness meditations,’ and opened myself up to the demonic communications that were coming in already. (I also started to uncontrollably bilocate and take over other people’s bodies. Somewhere in my story is a black magician whose identity I only suspect, and he’d pull me out of my body, then I stared doing it subconsciously. That sounds like nonsense, but I read about a ritual that does exactly that in the Anthology of Sorcery, and he’s definitely out there.)

So most of my work is done through telepathy and channeling demonic entities, and I have many years of experience with energy and meditation, but I’m a complete newbie at the magic. I’ve tried a couple ‘low magic’ rituals for prosperity, but was scolded by Belial very loudly.

One main problem is I don’t a ritual/meditation room in my house, and no community here in the middle of no where BC. So thanks for this forum; I need it. Hope you didn’t all fall asleep there.

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Thank you for elucidating more on your experience and welcome to the forum.