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Hello everyone I’m Deedle I’ve been interested in the occult for over 30 yrs I have an interest in just about every facet of magic but mainly Golden Dawn magic and through Illness I sought the help of a dark magician who has helped me greatly and through working with her I’ve been working through demons and I’m now a moderator on her page although I’m by no means experienced practically but I’ve read about a 1000 books on the subject and consider myself pretty knowledgeable but would appreciate any help I can get on this new path thanks.I’ll post up a pic later :blush:

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Hi and welcome to BALG. :slight_smile:

So you’ve read a lot and practiced only a little, is that right?

Any particular aspect of the occult you find more interesting?

Yes Starborn I did use the open of the watchtower ritual and some others several yes ago and with commitments I fell away a bit but I still continued learning.I pretty much know how to setup an altar and things and protect myself but I’ve had no visual abilities although I did a meditation last WK and last night and I’m getting more visions so I’d really like to know more about that😉

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My meditations and awareness of power is getting really strong now to the point of being a bit scared so I’m trying to work on that more although when my teacher is present I have no anxiety at all

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