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Shalome :kissing_heart: I have studied multiple religions and crafts, across all spectrums including the Kabbalah, Paganism, Witchcraft, Herbology, and even cloud scrying. Would like everyone’s help, if they can to figure out exactly which “magic” is being used in the
voynich Manuscript from the 1420’s, which utilized herbology for health and poisons as well as scrying with body fluids, necromancy with a fetus, etc… Here are a few links: 9 rosette folio
alchemical alphabet
the above link utilized the angelic script, reverse Hebrew script, alchemical one and unknown runes turned sideways.
Would love for anyone one knowledgeable to help with rune references as well.

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Thank you for doing an introduction.

When you say you have “studied,” does that mean you have no practical experience?

Do you mean do I have experience and practice in different mediums, then yes. I come from a long line.,

Yes, what I meant was, are you an armchair magician or someone who actually practices?

Usually when someone says they have “studied” a lot it means they have book knowledge about the subject but never actually got around to doing rituals and spells for results.

Thank you for expanding a bit upon your experience, and welcome :slight_smile:

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No matter your knowledge you are always a student, studying. Never stop learning. I do not post about a lot of issues, as the only person with my name in North America,:zipper_mouth_face: So back to the topic of the Voynich this is very, very old magic utilizing words/spells even in the Bible that were not translated. I am seeking any other who understands.

Pray tell, what words not translated are you referring to? And not translated into what language? Could you please clarify?
And how old is old when you refer to the Voynich Manuscript, as there is a high chance it was from Francis Bacon or one of his students who probably made/manufactured it.

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I wrote about one word used in the 9 rosette folio and hidden on a plant base " : I will use the term Mine, when writing the formula found on the plant trunk on page 4r. BAI (What I see in my hand is my own) the same word play was used in the Old Testament and untranslated. Reference in Strong’s Concordance for Hebrew #1164. Hebrew letter Beth (to enter) Ayin (to see) Yod (hand of God). The word is used multiple times in the Voynich Manuscript.

Intermingling formula also with the alchemical symbols used and words left of the symbols on 66r alchemical page with measurements and prescriptions. Proof, from the same BAI Voynich symbols are used for 3 separate words like in the Hebrew previously mentioned: (Greedy in) (therefore) (royal treasury)." .
This book based on the translations of page 1 are a people exiled in Greece. Plants listed on the herbology ages some are on the Cyprus endangered species list. Was definitely not Francis Bacon nor John Dee. It’s not the date of the book but the information it contains. The magic in here dates back to the worship of Molock. and another God named “Jan” which could have been mistranslated by me or misspelled and really be Jinn,