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Hello my name is Vorkhon. I am 25 years old from Brazil. I’ve studied magic since i was 13 years old: Bioenergy, Astral projection, Satanism, Goetia, and Ocultism in general. Since then i’ve studying much more then practicing. I’ve done lot of meditation and kundalini working thou. I was always interested in Goetia, but i could just not use the Salomonic System, to call for YHWH and Angels, that wasn’t for me… there was something inside me that blocks that and Luciferian Method was more less for me it still use the circle and triangle…

That’s when I found Thomas Karlsson book about Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic and that opened my mind alot it was game changer. Since then im totally focused on the Qliphots. And i seek to find in this forum others experiences and some guidance.

A pleasure to all. In a short time in the forum already gave to realize the quality of it.


Thank you for doing an introduction, and welcome to the BALG forum!

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