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Hi, my name is Corey, I don’t have too much to say as my only experience is watching a TON of EA Koetting on Youtube and I have done one petition and a sigil spell. I am looking to grow and learn in this new hobby and see where it takes me! I have had MANY encounters with the spirit world, but only when i was addicted to meth. I have not used in 4 years but have PLENTY of crazy stories being up for several days and being spiritually attacked/played with and learning a great deal about the different realms. So now that im no longer in that particular space, sleeping and taking care of myself, i still have alot of unanswered questions about life and my place in it so hopefully im on the right path just by coming here :smile:


Welcime to the forum.

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Welcome. :wave: Happy to see a newcomer.

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