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hello everyone my name is aidan i am 19 years of age im here too find a way too hopefully get my ex back

sorry guys and girls not good at this stuff



Are you a beginner in magick? If so, what aspects are you interested in?


Welcome to BALG Forum. You can possibly search for a love or an attraction spell at the top right corner, if there are any available. Sorry i couldnt be more help. Good luck with this.


i am very interested in duke sallos, love spells and could possibly be interested in lucifer

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thank you very much SourceAdversary

silly question but are lucifer,satan and the devil different entitys?

Lucifer, is what “He” goes by. Azazel, Abbadon, Beezebub, Belial, Amaymon, Asmodeus, Lucifuge, Baal and Satan are all different Masks or Faces of The Adversary.


oh right now i have a better understanding

From what i have heard. He does not like being called ‘The Devil’. I have never contacted him using that. So i am not entirely sure how accurate that is.

Hello, Aiden.

Why do you want your ex back? Your reasons can greatly influence your magic. Are you just looking for their love again?

hell yeah shes the love of my life

im so lost without her

You don’t sound ready to be casting any spells, especially not love spells.

Read around the forums on the basics, and then piece together the crumbs you may about love and attraction. Good luck.

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Welcome!!! Moved the thread to New magicians, help and introductions. Enjoy the forum