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Hello everyone,

I’m a pretty big noob to about everything occult, black magick and what else. Growing up and living in The Netherlands, I’ve only seen (Orthodox and Unorthodox) Christianity and Catholicism practised, nothing darker. I have researched it a every now and then in the past 10 years, but it never anything too serious.

Recently I’ve started to look into Angels and Angel Numbers, and while that might not be that occult, it has led me here. I started seeing numbers at certain moments and their meanings fitting the situtions perfectly. This brought me back to thinking about everything spiritual and this is what made me end up here.
I would like to learn basically anything about everything occult, and see what fits and intrests me most.
I did have a period where I was getting into Satanism a bit, but I (obviously) didn’t continue with that.

Some things that, by the way, have always intrigued me are meditation and establishing conections with whatever type of entity, also everything (Ancient) Nordic religious and occult.

Anyway, seeing as this is just an introduction post, I won’t blabber on.
I’m exited to start learning.

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome, pleasure to meet you.