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Ave! I am Rosalil, and am the last in a thread of generational practitioners going deep and dark into Ireland. My mother died a few weeks ago, so I feel a bit un-tethered, as I’m an only child and childless, so the magick ostensibly dies with me.

My great grandmother, who was not only my babysitter, but a constant source of frivolity mixed with what she called “the real stuff,” taught me much about Southern folk magic and Hoodoo (and a hell of a lot about how to cook); my grandfather, a Master Mason, taught me about what is and can be shown as opposed to what must be swallowed down and hidden, and how to access what’s in between.

My Mom was an abused woman who also happened to be handicapped physically, but who was spiritually without equal, and while I was spared physical abuse from my biological father, his verbal and emotional abuse made up for it. So I grew up with a combination of folk magic, ancient secrecies and venemous revenge magick, which brings me to today.

My Mom is now gone, and I’m left with a family’s magickal legacy that I’ve never been able to completely decipher or distill. So, since I’m the last in my line, I decided to strike out on my own on a new path, and here I am, a demonolator.

I’m in the process of working with several demons with a focus on choosing my Patron/Matron, and I hope to accomplish that soon.

Thanks for reading, and I hope we can be friends on this journey.



Welcome to the forum!

Oh goodie. Rosalil, perhaps you can contribute to this, your history being steeped in Hoodoo.

Secondly, so so sorry for your loss dear…you will carry on the lineage proudly.

Thanks very much for your kind words. I’ve left a reply in the thread. I don’t know if it will add anything to the convo/debate or not, but I hope it does.



Welcome @Rosalil :smiley:

@Ethria Thank you!!! :heart: I love being here with all of you!


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