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I’m a new member, my name is Sam. I’ve read Koettings “Become a Living God”, “Evoking Eternity”, and “Ipsissimus”. I’m interested in soul travel and evocation, and also the possibilities of magic.


Welcome to the forum.

Where do you come from?

You’ve read the book, which is good. Have you been practicing anything?

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i am new here i do not now the exat rules i see myself a bit like a worlock and a wizard.

I live in the southeastern part of North America. I have practiced the Bija Mantra outlined in Ipsissimus twice, and have the tools necessary for evocation. Yet I haven’t performed evocation yet as I am unsure whether my space will suffice.


You should make your own intro thread. :slight_smile:

You can perform it in the astral, too. Some people do them on their beds, in a bathroom, etc… Doesn’t take a lot of space or tools. Look through the “beginner tutorials”. It’s not all beginner stuff, but there are a lot of examples of how people practice.

Welcome @ekkehard_ahrends Please introduce yourself properly, either in your own thread, or click the image below and go to the main one:


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