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I’ll provide a short but sweet intro here…
My name is not important, my aim is to manifest and create magical circumstances in my life according to my will, heal others using energy and archangels, cultivate an understanding and acceptance of my shadow in order to align myself with my true will. The same will that existed before conditioning and trauma and the need for acceptance came in.
Currently I’ve had a few unbelievable manifestations im not going to share because they’re likely not believable and to share them with others with the potential for them to doubt me would do nothing for my confidence in my abilities for future endeavors…
My psychic abilities extend to a few seconds into the future.
They extend to the thoughts and intentions of others which I can influence but not 100% reliably.
My life has been entirely focused on spirituality for the last 2 years, centered around meditation, deep inquiry, working with angels, mindfulness, psychic abilities, Kundalini, entities (and demons), and entering into other dimensions and raising my vibration to levels which cause streetlights to flicker and lightbulbs to shatter.
(All regardless of the cost of everything else especially being liked, all in the pursuit of truth and authenticity beyond all doubts and judgements)

I’m likely losing my normal job and losing my house soon, which means I’ll either live in my car or be forced to move elsewhere.
My goal is to start a transformative business, a blog, develop systems others may use. Not to push my teachings onto others but help them to develop their own based on my own understanding.
I do not claim to know everything but it is undoubtedly my purpose in life to guide others to their own power and truth. Their own authenticity.
If anyone doubts my abilities, feel free to question me.
I’ll rise to the challenge.

Nice to meetcha…


Welcome and enjoy your stay, I look forward to informative posts from you.

Welcome to the forum !

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Welcome to the forum.

Honest advice, get your material life sorted first, I’m not talking mansions, but get a secure home and income, otherwise you could just get lost in mysticism and not make any progress, nor seem like a very credible teacher with those who have money to pay/donate.

Also, be careful about renouncing the world, I saw a lot of people fuck their lives up doing that because it will renounce you back even harder, so if you desire to live in this world at all, make sure you give the material realm the right amount of focus. :smiley:


Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here and learn many helpful new things.