New member Rodericus

Greetings to everyone. You can call me rodericus, is one of the visigothic kings.

My first intuitions about magic started when I was a child, trying to read Homeros, and impressed with greek gods, like if they were real. Along my youth, I experienced some poltergeist phenomena, and turn on my interest again on magic. I come from analyzing the influence of my thoughts on reality, and practicing some easy sigils and my own subliminals. Now, I’m learning a lot about all of you, and your rituals.

My magical beliefs are a bit eclectic. So, I try to no attain any structure of magic as much as possible.


Welcome to the forum, are you practicing anything?

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Thank you. If you are refering about some pantheon, I dont. About magic, sigils, subliminals, and recently, invocation. You can read my post about archangel michael. Probably, most of you are far more experienced than me.