New member - Questions

Hey guys. I have a few questions regarding a dream i had a while back. The dream was unordinarily detailed and specific and i remember it as if it were a memory. In this dream i went from observing from 3rd peraon to viewing from someone elses 1st person. That person said a chant and healed someone and then i was sucked back into my physical body. I found myself sitting up covered in sweat with that chant ringing in my ears. I quickly wrote it down and it made some sense in latin but not enough to be translated. Ive always been clairaudiant and have been heating this same chant at random times in the following days. Ehat foes all this mean? Any help would be greatly apreciated

it could be all kinds of things… If i had to guess i’d say past life stuff.
But if you’re clairaudient you shouldn’t have trouble asking your guides or angels and such.
You could try to go back to that place in meditation. See what’s up. See if you get anything else.

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