New Member: Qayinite Magician


I am making myself known here as I have been observing the forum and decided to show myself.

I am a Qayinite Follower of the 2182 Current, embodiment of the 218 current of Azerate and the 182 current of Qayin.

In recent days since the Blood Moon Pact Ritual, a firey crossing of Azazel and myself has been made via the atzothic essence of the blood of Qayin. With the Ancestral Line of Qayin now crossing with Azazel’s Firey Path establishes itself as the luminous path towards Liberation and Spiritually Enlightened through the Black Flame. Bearing the Obsidian Sword of Azazel, forged upon the Anvil of Tubal Qayin’s Wrathful Incursion. This is also accompanied by a Shield also forged from the Fires of Azazel…

This is my Shadow, accompanied by the Veils of both venerated Death and the Black Fire of the Dragons.

I am thankful to be part of this forum and hope to aide those in the Path of Liberation and Damnation.


Welcome​:wave:t4: I was researching serpent seed and the bloodline of Cain all day and here you appear :heart_eyes:


Thank you, and what would you like to know of this ancestral bloodline?

I am sure I can share some resourceful information regarding the Thorny Path of Qayin without revealing those that are meant to be hidden.

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Welcome! Hail Azerate 218!

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Would you be able to recommend some books to me about Qayinite magick other than the Liber Falxifer books? There’s not much out there I can find.